Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blog Hopping

I'm still so new to blogging so I get excited when I find interesting blogs. I recently discovered Never Growing Old ( and am intrigued by Blog Hopping. From what I understand, someone posts on their blog, you copy it (questions, fill-ins) and link back to it. So now I know how Fill-in-the-Blank Fridays started at The Little Things We Do ( I hope I can remember to join in on Meet Me on Mondays and a few others.

Today, it's about books. I love books. I am a little obsessed with books, I think. A friend told me about about a year ago and I think it's such a great tool for keeping track of everything I read and plan to read. If you haven't been to yet, and you love to read, I highly recommend you check it out. If you join, let me know and we can friend up. It's sort of like Facebook for the avid reader!

So, like I said, today's blog hop (courtesy of is about books. Here goes:

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…
• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?
What are you currently reading? I'm about 100 pages away from finishing "This Must Be the Place" by Kate Racculia. I like it, but I don't love it. There are several main characters: Amy and Arthur and Mona and Oneida. Amy and Arthur are married, but Amy dies in the first few pages of the book. Arthur finds a shoebox of memorabilia in Amy's closet after she dies and realizes he really doesn't know anything about her past. Amy and Mona were best friends in high school. Oneida is Mona's teenage daughter. Arthur travels from LA to NY to meet Mona to find out about Amy and to find out WHY he doesn't know about her past. I guess what I don't love about the book is actually Amy and Arthur. I'm not fond of them. I'm interested enough to finish it and find out the whole story though.
What did you recently finish reading? About a week ago, I finished "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" by Alan Bradley. Cute story. A little too over-descriptive at times. Found myself skimming those paragraphs that just seemed to over-do the flourish about a location. If it's not necessary to the plot, I skim!
What do you think you'll read next? I have SO many books piled up beside my bed, I'm not really sure where to start. Maybe "The First Day of the Rest of My Life" by Cathy Lamb. Her books are always fun. I also have several Douglas Kennedy books in the pile. No shortage of books in this house!
Happy reading!


  1. Hi, found you on the over forty page...

    Currently reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King (not horror) so far so good.

    Just finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower...didn't like it. Found it not believeable.

    Next will read These Is My Words by Nancy Turner. A bunch a people called it their favorite book ever on Goodreads.


    1. Great to hear from you! I haven't been writing in a long time. So, thanks for reminding me to get back on here! I read Perks too and wasn't thrilled. I guess it's technically a YA novel, but still, I just didn't really like the characters. I heard 11/22/63 was good. I've actually never read Stephen King! I'm on Goodreads, so feel free to look me up there. Thanks. :)