Wednesday, December 7, 2011

At Your Service

Leigh and the staff at Curly Girl Design ( are embarking on a "Send Love" project in an effort to send love to women currently on active duty in the military. Here's an excerpt from the Curly Girl blog about the project:

If I know a woman in on active duty in the military who would love Curly Girl Cards, then I'll bet you guys do!! Let's send them some love and color shall we?? Here's the deal:
Send us the full military address for the woman or women you know, currently serving active-duty (we will certainly send to active-duty men too, if you think they would love to get a Curly Girl envelopes are equal-opportunity day-brighteners!) along with an email love-note to them. We will print out your email and enclose it in a Curly Girl Card and send it off to them for you! On us!
Send emails to: (mark the subject line: SEND LOVE) by Monday December 5th 10am EST

When I first read this I thought about my niece-in-law who is a nurse in the U.S. Air Force, serving in Germany. I admit that initially I thought that I wouldn't submit her name because she isn't literally on the front lines, living on a base and facing enemy fire every day. But then I realized that she is away from her family (thankfully, my nephew - her husband - was just transferred to Germany -- she was there for a year without him) and she is on active duty and she IS serving her country. Here's the email I wrote to Curly Girl in order to send love to her:

Dear Leigh & Curly Girl staff,
When I first read on your blog that you were sending cards to women in active duty, I did think of my niece-in-law, but thought that the cards should really go to those serving on the front lines, seeing war every day. Then it hit me, she is too. She is a nurse in the U.S. Air Force, stationed in Germany. When she and my nephew married three years ago, she was working in South Carolina. Since she was not administering to many wounded soldiers, she opted for a transfer to Germany to work out of the base in Rammstein. I realized today, that while she may not be physically fighting a war, she is still fighting. She is fighting for the lives of every soldier that is injured and is lucky enough to be in her care. I'm very proud of her and very proud that she is part of my family. 

Here's a copy of what she posted on Facebook today -- so you can see how wonderful she is:

"So I was woken up out of a dead sleep to fly downrange. Instead of being grumpy I realize what an honor it is to be able to rescue a hero and provide quality care to them while transporting them somewhere safe. God bless our troops in harms way and continue to remind those stateside of the sacrifices that the military makes for them EVERYDAY!!!!"

It feels good to Send Love. She deserves it.

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