Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Putting it Out There

What are your thoughts on Karma? I don't necessarily mean Good Karma comes to those who do Good Things and/or Karma is a Bitch. I'm asking about Putting "it" Out to the Universe. As in, if you want something good to happen, you put it out there: You let people know about your wants or you ask for prayers or hope that positive thinking brings about positive outcomes.

Here's what I'm getting at: Do you believe in what I ask above or are you of the "I don't want to jinx it" mentality?

I'm pretty much the "I don't want to jinx it" kinda girl. Granted it depends on what it is, but I usually do hold back on telling people about potential good news until it comes to be. Back when I was working, if I had a job interview, I would let friends (those outside of the current job) and my parents know and would say "wish me luck." When my husband and I put an offer on this house,  I told my mother and asked her to pray that it got accepted (granted, that was also after a horrible year of living in a corporate apartment while our stuff was in storage and we were suffering through the housing market crash of 2008-2009 and we could use all the help we could get).

These days, it seems that whenever anyone wants to put it out there or just simply to ask for prayers, luck and good wishes, they take it to Facebook. I'm all for Facebook and am always checking it. I just don't post a lot -- mostly I post pictures when I've taken a trip or have seen some old friends. But, I find that lots of people will ask for prayers or either tell you way too much private information or be totally vague but still be looking for prayers/good wishes/whatnot (I can't stand the "Pray for me today" or "Today is gonna be a hard day" type of posts that are so vague and warrant attention and then the poster never actually states what the problem is -- annoying attention seekers). I'm fine with people asking for prayers for sick relatives. I'm fine with people asking for luck when they are taking a test. I'm totally fine with people asking for strength when they are up to their eyeballs in calamity in times of strife.

I just wonder how far to go, when to put "it" out there.

So, I'm gonna put it out there now. My husband is looking for a new job. We both really want to move back East. Do you put it out there and say, "Wish him luck," "Say a prayer for us"? Or do we keep our mouths and keyboards quiet and hope for the best? You know, not jinx it.

Normally, I'd keep this information to myself, but he is of the mindset that positive thinking garners positive results. I'm all for that; I'm just not sure I want to share those positive thoughts.

For sure, I'm not putting it on Facebook. I'm FB friends with some of my husband's co-workers so that's a big no-no. Plus, it's such a really big thing, I don't think I could handle the pressure of status updates. I don't think I want people checking in with me periodically with "did he get the job" questions. It's kinda like when I was trying to get pregnant -- I didn't tell anyone because I didn't need the monthly reporting on whether I got my period or not.

I'm babbling. The gist is, what do you tell people about and what do you keep to yourself? I'm all for asking for a little help from above, but I just think right now I've got to try to just get those prayers answered on my own.


  1. I'm bad at asking for help. I'm good at sending positive and/or healing thoughts (at least I try hard.) So I'm not sure what to do about you! :-)

  2. I'm ask for help, which might make me bad. I ask a lot, unlike Susie (who won't let me do a darn thing for her). My blog is my therapy. I have pretty bad depression, and asking for assistance helps get me through it. I tell some people a lot (Susie sometimes gets a lot), and I tell some people a little. I tell some people nothing because they give off so much negativity (like people who think my daughter won't be able to get a job because she's a mathematician and they are totally clueless and full of themselves because mathematician consistently ranks #1 or 2 on those best job lists). My blog is a mixture of reality and make it up as I go along, but when I ask for something real, I mean it. I don't know what you should do, but I'm praying for you. Instant karma's gonna get you.


  3. I'm so embarrassed. "I ask for help," not "I'm ask for help". I'm an editor and I feel as if I can't ever be allowed to make a mistake. I hope you get rid of the word verification thing. It hurts my eyes, and some people won't follow your blog if you have it. I enable comment moderation and that works for me.

    Love again,

  4. I'm always afraid that by asking for something for myself, rather than for someone else, it won't happen. So I bite my tongue, zip my lips shut and pray, but I give big shouts out for others. I hope your hubby gets the job, and I wish you both well. BTW, I like Scrabble, books, and chocolate, too. I'm not all that big on shoes, but I have three shoe-loving daughters who make up for it. :-) I do like to look at neat shoes; I just don't like to wear them.
    I'm your newest follower, and it's nice to "meet" you.